Friday, May 9, 2008

Mr Destructo strikes again and again

Either Chris is being rude and not replacing the toilet paper rolls as they're used up or... insert light bulb -going on - sound here.....

"Um, Josh why have the toilet paper rolls been disappearing quickly lately? Have you been playing with toilet paper while you're on the potty?"

"Dima did it!"

" How would you know that if you two aren't in the bathroom at the same time?"

"Mama, I Wuv you!" -- Nice try at changing the subject. I did get lots of those around Easter-candy - dolling- out time

"I love you , too. Okay, so what are you doing with the toilet paper while you're on the potty - where are you putting it?"

"On the floor, then in the potty"

"Caught ya! I knew you were doing it, now I guess you can't have any privacy while you're on the potty cause you're goofing around with the toilet paper! Josh-ua!"


I'm telling you: that kid cannot be left alone even for a second. Do you wonder why I'm exhausted at the end of a day? He can have privacy when he's a teenager! He has access to plenty of books while he's - um... busy there so there's no reason he should have to look for something to do it's just his Mr. Destructo side coming out. I might add that he still has no pillow on his bed because he's destroyed those every time we've given him a chance! I guess we're the ones who need to learn from this stuff that this kid cannot be trusted even for two seconds.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Time Flies!

Looking at the calendar I realize we've only got two more weeks until Josh is finished with preschool! Dima has until next month but boy did the school year go by fast.

Last Friday Dima's class had a PJs and pancakes party in the classroom and I went in to help out. The kids were all excited about getting to eat at school and wearing their PJs . They made place mats the day before the party with utensil and napkin and cup outlines so they'd know how to prepare their place settings. They were allowed to smear their own butter on the pancakes and pour their own syrup it didn't turn out to be as big a mess as you'd imagine, most of them did very well - one little girl was REALLY loading on the butter and I was thinking I'd probably do that too if I didn't know how bad it was for you. I moderately butter mine compared to this kid. Since I was manning the eating table of the event I was the closest and I was amazed at how many of these kids didn't know how to cut their own pancakes. I mostly helped them out and tried to encourage them to try it on their own but some were not at all sure of what to do or confident that they could. A little praise was good for most of them to do it again once they got the hang of it.

Next week they're having a PJ day at Josh's school and he already said he doesn't want to go - Sometimes I don't know what he's thinking when he says stuff like that. This afternoon we had a picnic at Marsh Creek park cause I said we could if Dima had a good day at school and boy was it nice. The weather is great. Then as we were leaving Josh said he wants to stay in his bed all afternoon. I was trying to motivate them to go walking with me later and I think all he wants to do is "pway".

Josh will be the line leader at his school this Friday which means I'm allowed to stay in the classroom and of course it's the same day that I'm allowed to stay at Dima's for Mother's Day. I was thinking: of all the times through the year when I would have loved to stay at either class and had the time to do it of course they both have to have something on exactly the same day! Since it'll be Josh's un-birthday ( something that someone made up so the summer - birthday kids don't feel left out) I should probably go to that one. I already got some Rice Crispie Treats for his snack that day cause I remember taking those when I was little and you actually - Okay my Mom - had to make them with gooey marshmallows.

We went to a goat race - bock beer fest this past weekend and again Josh was the talk of the fest while he was dancing. We'll be going to a kid's fest in early June and I'm sure he'll have a grand old time there. It's nice that he's getting to know the dance group kids more and more as we go to practices and events and it's not a bad thing that each of them - Josh and Dima get in a little only- child time while practicing and going to their own events.

Since Dima will be going to "Camp Success" - kind of like summer school - we'll still have a pretty structured routine around here during the summer so we can all get up and out of here each morning to get him to school. I for one am already looking forward to the pool being open so we have that to do. This past Friday Dima saw a hot air balloon going up and so every time it's a nice day he keeps saying " it's a good day for a hot air balloon". I did see one last night as I left his hockey practice and I called them to tell them it was up. That'll get him moving when it's time to take the gear off and get out of the rink!