Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Yo, Dr Miller!!

As Josh waited for his x-ray at the orthopaedic surgeon's office (a different branch office from the one we previously visited in Paoli) he saw the doc walking by and said in his never low-volume voice YO!, Dr. Miller - are you working here today?? They were obviously very busy and we were seen well after our appointment time but the comment provided a bit of comic relief - the whole waiting area got a chuckle out of it!
He even got some candy from Dr. Miller - Josh got a KitKat bar the first day we met him, just after the cast went on, so each time we've been back Josh asked him about the KitKat and he came away with loot every time, there was some for Dima this time as well since he was there too. He did sit nicely looking at the Main Line type magazines for gardens and fountains while Josh was waiting to be seen.
As of the x-ray today Josh has been officially cleared to run, ice skate and ride his bike - we went to a playground first and he was on the bike within minutes of us getting back here.

the little lady ...

While deciding what to watch during our evening down - time (no ice hockey, CCD, homework or other projects) Dima asked for the show with the "little lady" . After getting a better idea of what he was talking about I figured out that when they do a split - screen view of the puzzle and the contestants... Vanna does look like a little lady. Wheel of Fortune!