Tuesday, September 14, 2010

... and a red cast

Josh definitely has two broken bones in his right foot even I could see that from his x- rays! The doc said if it would have been one millimeter off what it is he'd have had to recommend surgery!! It turns out it's his second and third metatarsals, right foot. Josh had a choice of red for Phillies or green for Eagles so since the dance group is supposed to be dancing before the Phillies game on Saturday he picked red fiberglass. I guess we'll have to get him some logos and decorate it. The only time he complained was when we were putting the cast on - I had to be the bad guy and hold his foot in a way that was uncomfortable but was the best position to cast the foot in.

So... after spending the morning at the orthopedic surgeon's office he's home and trying to nap since last night was restless for him. Each time he'd fall asleep and torque the foot he woke up. I can tell when his Advil wears off cause he starts fussing. He has another appointment to follow up with the orthopedic surgeon in three weeks, hopefully all will go well and that will be that.

We'll be borrowing some crutches from friends and I'm sure he'll be up and around on them before you know it but for now I'm still carrying him around as I did all morning at the time I was wishing I'd had a stroller. For here at home I showed him how to get up and down our steps by scooting on his butt. In the mean time thinking a stroller might be useful to get around in the neighborhood - do any of you local moms still have one that we can borrow?

I don't know what he was saying in the waiting room as I got him checked out and made his next appointment at the doctor's but as I carried him out most of the people in the waiting room were chuckling and saying good bye to him.... plus the doc gave him a Kit Kat for being good!

Monday, September 13, 2010

broken bones???

Looks like Josh found one way to get out of going to hockey practice. He and Dima had a few minutes after school, homework and dinner before we had to leave to get him to the rink so they were playing football outside, the two of them tumbled over each other and Josh really started crying, usually he recovers pretty quickly to get back to playing so when he didn't get up and kept crying I had a feeling it wasn't good. I found out later on that he also heard a crunch sound when Dima was - accidentally - stepping on his moving foot. So after a visit to the MedCenter100 we've got a prescription to have it x-rayed tomorrow and it looks like he's going to end up in a cast - apparently his forth and fifth metatarsals on his right foot seem to be broken. So for now it's wrapped, we're carrying him around and he's taking ibuprofen and keeping it elevated while sitting around moaning once in a while. At least he's stopped the hysterics he was in when Chris and I decided he had to have it looked at. Then he was so worked up that he almost threw up. Even on the drive there he was out of breath and then I noticed he was crying more when the car accelerated... the doc said that fractures can be sensitive to movement. So tomorrow we'll get him set with his cast and crutches: hopefully he won't get too bored sitting out the physical stuff over the next few weeks.