Monday, January 31, 2011


Dima got a rave review from his ski instructor this afternoon, At first the instructor told me she was questioning his being in her class and once they got out there she watched him carefully and was wowed by his abilities. He skied a "bump black diamond" and was able to do hockey stops while spraying the snow up to the hip of the pretty - tall teacher.
Josh in the mean time was boo - hooing about not being able to continue skiing once the lessons were done. He really really wanted to keep going plus I think waking up at about 6am didn't help.
They - Josh, Dima, their cousin and a friend are all in the lessons to day and are now settling in and will have a decent bed time since we have to do it all again for the rest of the week.
Josh's report card from ski school got check marks all the way through carrying and learning to use poles, is skiing parallel all of the time... he saw the snow board instructor - who he's got a private lesson to decide if he should continue to board on Wednesday am and was already like... see you then dude!
He also told Nana that if he gets to be like Sean White he'll give her his autograph!

Monday, January 3, 2011

He must be rich!!

Dima and I are catching up on some of the Tivoed Mummers parade and as they were interviewing a captain and Dima goes - That guy must be rich look at all the glitter and sparkles - so I asked which instrument do you think you might learn to get out there like them ... I want to play a banjo cause it looks like an upside down mushroom. Oh geeze! .... then again this is the most interest he's ever shown in performing we'll see if we can keep the interest kindled.
Bring on the mushrooms and glitter if that's what it takes!