Wednesday, April 24, 2013

So, the kids were playing outside on Tuesday - Josh had been over to a neighbor's house and was back and Dima was goofing around  and Chris comes home and brings me over to his truck and says "what do you see?" and after getting at the right angle I could see   Josh  Josh etched into the paint!!!
 His first explanation was that Dima did it and I was like, with YOUR name? and then he was saying: well, he told me to do it, ok  whatever, .. now he's grounded for a week  - and  2 weeks  with no games - one for each time he wrote his name.  We've heard varying stories in the past few days  and I'm not sure if Dima was uninvolved or not and Josh has said he's sorry to Chris but then also said  - but you made me mad!  I think he's sorry for getting punished, not for actually doing it.  Chris is glad that Dima didn't tattle but in this case I think he should have privately come to us to tell us.  OY!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

We put our 13.5 year old dog to sleep last evening and today  has been tough - coming home to no dogs to greet me, with both of their places on the floor  empty  and remembering Honey's last hours and minutes... I need to get that out of my mind and think of the good...
My sister Andie gave me Proof of Heaven a book about a "life after life experience" and I'm about half way through it and that idea of her going there, to the greater energy /  heaven was reassuring as  I was making the final decision to end  Honey's  pain...
 I  went to the library tonight and got a book for the kids  Heaven is for Real, on the advise of one of the doctors I work with, about a kid who has  had a life after life experience.  My boys are are  at hockey practice tonight but I think Chris and I should read it with them soon.  Chris, Josh and Dima were right there for both of our dogs at the end... on their own terms  - and Josh has given me many hugs today and I'm sure we'll talk about it further as time goes on.
 I often  remember my previous dogs Chrissie and the first Honey as well as Keisha  and of course Guinness and how hard  it  was to lose each of them
 - they're all a  part of all of us / heaven/  what we will be when we get there  Amen