Tuesday, March 22, 2011

That girl must be crazy!

This morning Josh and heard the end of a weather forecast for tomorrow as we were on our way to a doctor appointment (he has a cough and will be fine after using his Advair inhaler for a week) when the girl said that they're expecting an inch or two of snow. At first I was like... is she talking about this area??? and when she mentioned temps in local places I knew she was and Josh was saying ... " Spring just started, what? That girl must be crazy!".
This just after I decided to wash up hats and mittens and put them into storage cause there's got to be noooo more chance of snow now that the weather's turning out to be nicer and nicer each day.... yeah, right!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

St. Pat's day lizard?

Leprechaun / Lizard
During dinner yesterday the boys were talking about stories they heard in school involving a leprechaun that comes during the night - only if you're asleep - and leaves candy and coins in your socks if you leave them beside the bed on St. Patrick's Day eve. Well, I had never heard of that so I think it's another ploy to get loot... but anyway, Josh went upstairs (a night early) and put his PJs on and came down with a large pair of socks he intended to leave beside his bed for the "lizard"!! I think he combined leprechaun and wizard to come up with that.