Saturday, April 23, 2011

Ocean City, MD trip

Dima taking my hand to walk down the boardwalk and Josh thanking me again and again are what I think of as the highlights of our Spring Break trip to Ocean City, Maryland this week.
Once I realized the kids had nothing on their schedules after dental and eye appointments on Monday and then playing a hockey game on Tuesday I started looking into stuff to do. My first thought was OC, NJ but when I compared the hotels in each place the extra hour of driving to get to Maryland seemed like the better deal. I got a place with a kitchenette so we wouldn't have to eat out much, the place was right on the boardwalk and the hotel had a pool and hot tub. When we did anything other than the pool Josh was like "can we go to the pool? can we go to the pool? can we go to the pool?" and since it was chilly and windy we did end up spending a lot of time there we also did the arcade and walked the boardwalk and of course got some caches one of the caches was a webcam cache - I'm on the phone with Chris at home so he could tell us where to stand and the kids helped me figure out where the camera was in the first place. This was my first of this type of geocache.

The drive home yesterday felt long but the trip was a nice get away. Josh just thanked me again tonight as I was tucking him into bed.