Monday, September 19, 2011

No chihuahuas at the zoo?

Our dance group was dancing at fundraiser at the Elmwood Park Zoo for their Oktoberfest on Saturday night and as I was getting ready Josh had his bundhosen on and as we were talking about the zoo I reminded him that was where Dima and I did the Zoo Snooze a while ago and he was disappointed that we werent' going to be sleeping over this weekend... then he mentioned that they have chihuahuas at the zoo, he said that Dima told him they did, near the lions! ( I think Dima just wanted him out of the house for the evening) So once I assured Josh that there are no dogs at the zoo he didn't want to go along... disappointed again, he took off the outfit and he stayed home. His loss cause it was a fun event, lots of other animals, but no chihuahuas.

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