Tuesday, January 8, 2013

We put our 13.5 year old dog to sleep last evening and today  has been tough - coming home to no dogs to greet me, with both of their places on the floor  empty  and remembering Honey's last hours and minutes... I need to get that out of my mind and think of the good...
My sister Andie gave me Proof of Heaven a book about a "life after life experience" and I'm about half way through it and that idea of her going there, to the greater energy /  heaven was reassuring as  I was making the final decision to end  Honey's  pain...
 I  went to the library tonight and got a book for the kids  Heaven is for Real, on the advise of one of the doctors I work with, about a kid who has  had a life after life experience.  My boys are are  at hockey practice tonight but I think Chris and I should read it with them soon.  Chris, Josh and Dima were right there for both of our dogs at the end... on their own terms  - and Josh has given me many hugs today and I'm sure we'll talk about it further as time goes on.
 I often  remember my previous dogs Chrissie and the first Honey as well as Keisha  and of course Guinness and how hard  it  was to lose each of them
 - they're all a  part of all of us / heaven/  what we will be when we get there  Amen

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