Wednesday, October 22, 2008

That was God!!!

Josh and I were playing Uno this morning and he won the first hand. While celebrating his win he said "That was God!!" and when I asked him what it meant - I was thinking he meant that was good or that God helped him win but he said "No, God is great and that was great!" Well, okay then.

A Wonderful Night

We went to a Philadelphia Phantoms game on Saturday night and a good night was had by all. Both of the boys got to stand on the ice during the national anthem and thankfully the group that sang it did an up-tempo version of it and the standing didn't have to go on too long. There was a team rep who helped them get out onto the ice and helped Josh stay standing and the team were nice to them as they skated out. The best part of the evening was that Dima was remarkably well behaved. I asked him what was up and he said he wanted to make me happy ... if only he'd do that every day...

Saturday, October 18, 2008

score hole

Before school yesterday Josh and I spent some time at a park near his school. The original intent was to try to play volleyball on the court they have there with sand so I brought a ball along and it turned out to be too windy to really play there. Picture Josh crying "it's too windy" and yelling for the wind to stop it!!!

We then wandered over to the playground part and I noticed that there were two footballs over on the field. It turned out perfectly since there was a bigger ball and a small one too. I tried to explain from my best I-know-next-to-nothing-about-sports-knowledge what really happens during a football game while we were out on the field. I thought he'd be impressed by the size of the field or at least want to run around there but he was mostly interested in going to the goal post and either punting the ball over - didn't last long since it hurt his foot - to trying to hurl the ball over the cross bar on the goal post between the uprights this goal post also had an extra bar up there and I was thinking "do they all have that?" I guess I'll have to look next time we watch a real game, or make that next time I pass by when they're watching a real game. So we spent quite a bit of time throwing balls over the goalpost and at times they would bounce off and almost bonk him in the head but he wasn't intimidated and kept at it and at it eventually figuring out that it's not so good to stand too close and with some practice he was getting them over again and again. As we were leaving he said he wanted to play football and I thought maybe I'll take him to a game of kids his age since we know some kids that play and that cheer locally so he can see that it's a team thing and it's not just standing there doing what you want on the empty field. As we drove past the other end of the field he goes - "HEY!, there's the other score hole" - and even though I don't know that much about sports I know I wouldn't call it that - he was just trying to remember the words and that is it's function so there ya go - score hole - a new term has been born. Lately he's been saying that he doesn't want to play on the "DyMaNites" (should be Dynamites), Dima's team cause he says he wants to spend time with me - once he gets on a team he'll be into playing and schmoozing with teammates that he'll forget about all that.

top goes up, top goes down

While running errands the other day Josh saw a man out in the parking lot putting the top of his Audi convertible up. While we were inside the store he recognized the guy and started asking about the car - and asking for a ride, well he didn't have the time to give us a ride but Josh ended up in the driver's seat working the control that puts the top up and down. How many kids can schmooze their way into playing with a great toy like that??? As we talked to him he said "I hope he stays like this and I hope he becomes a politician, we need more people like him." Politician??? I've heard teachers predict that he'll make a good principal and others note that he'll go a long way with that personality but that was the first time "Josh" and "politician" were uttered in the same sentence, ya never know.... That same morning we had also gone to the library and looked up some car books - beetle - porsche - monster trucks and now it seems like hes getting away from Mustangs as his favorite car and into Corvettes. He did do a great job of being quiet int he library, including whispering even as we walked up to the front door - better to do it too soon than not at all, I guess. He also had a chance to play with the kids' programs on the computer there and he saw other kids coloring - with the mouse - a car and when he got to the part with the car he got so excited that the computer mouse fell off the table and the car coloring page was clicked off of the computer by the time I retrieved it. You only get 20 minutes on the library computer and he didn't get back to that picture by the time we had to go, too bad.

Tonight's the night that Dima and his hockey team get to stand on the ice during the National Anthem during the Phantom's game He won't be so excited about the standing on the ice, though his Dad certainly will he'll blow a gasket when he finds out that Nana and Pop pop will be there. He tends to reach critical mass under exciting times like this and this will probably be a biggie!!! I did consult with his doctor about changing his meds to help him with his impulsiveness at school but she really doesn't want to change anything until the counselors at school have a chance to see "who he is" and so we're sure he's being treated for the root problem not just random symptoms as they pop up. His daily reports from school seem to go up and down and I'm anxious and ready to find a solution to help him get a grip on himself and to help us to deal with him when he needs to settle down and can't do it himself.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

our evening walk / totally cool drive in a classic convertible Mustang

After dinner today Josh, Dima and I went out to check out the neighborhood. Since Dima said that people are already putting up their Halloween decorations - he was watching that stuff on the bus rides to and from school today -I didn't have to struggle with talking Josh into getting out of our own space and going for a walk.

Well, after this evening it might not be so difficult to get him out there anymore....

As we neared the end of our street we could see our neighbor's classic convertible Mustang in the garage - we'd seen it there before - but it had been a while... we continued on ... it was looking like rain so we turned around at the end of the street and headed home around the same time the guy from the house with the Mustang comes out to pick up some fallen branches from around the front of his house and Josh hollers " Do you drive that classic Mustang?" and the guy says "Yeah, do you want to see it?" Those little legs couldn't have gone any faster over that lawn and both of my boys were looking at it and oohing and aahhing when Josh suggested a ride and the guy - who we now know is named Chris - was like - Okay, get in. The guy poked his head into this house to tell his wife he was going out for a second and she came out and was taken aback to see us sitting in the car (Why are they in our garage??). We introduced ourselves and then we tooled around the block in a great car. Most of the trip was done with the top down and when we paused to put the top up Josh had his - on - a -ride - at-Hershey Park face on. That face is hard to describe - eyes wide open and mouth like a big oval I guess. so at least for the next few days I've got a lure to go out walking with Josh whenever we have time. I had Josh draw the Mustang-guy a picture and we'll have to deliver that so at least we 'll get one walk out of it tomorrow morning.

Today I decided to take advantage of my kid-free time to get out and explore a little bit. I looked up the trail map at Marsh Creek Park before I dropped Josh off and since I hadn't been to the dam at the park and didn't want to do it the first time with the kids along I thought this would be a good chance to get some exercise and check out the trail to see if they could do it with me. When I looked it up online it seemed pretty straight forward - go along the trails I've already done to the stables and then find the trail to the dam. Okey dokey - I set out along the trails and with another chance to grab a trail map - didn't do it and re-thought that later at the time I wa sthinking I can figure it out- on my own. As I followed the blazes mostly white then later blue- like in "what in the blue blazes"?? I realized I should have measured how much time this would take - as I took a rocky - muddy - next to the water and steep embankments - kind of trail I thought about what could happen - trip and fall down a hill into the lake... fall down a well...get totally lost I was wishing I'd remembered more Girl Scout stuff. Great, then what happens when Josh is at the door of the school with me still rushing back to my car??

There were signs about hunting so as I walked I called my Dad to find out if it was hunting season - no answer - but I guess that's something I should find out ahead of time in the future. At least I had on a red warm up jacket for visibility and I also have a bell on my keys - I do that since the one time I went hiking ages ago in Virginia and once I got into my car and while getting settled in saw a huge snake draped across a fence right in front of my car!! I'm not sure if a bell would scare away a huge snake but at least it would give it some notice. So, it took me an hour to make it to the dam. As I walked along I thought I saw clearing through the trees above me on the hills and wondered how to get up there to make the walk back go faster. I tried it on the was back and I was hoping I wasn't stumbling into a neighborhood where I'd get stuck miles away from where I'd parked my car. The walk back was actually more like tractor- trails on the side of a field and much more manageable for walking quickly or for taking the kids along next time. I ended up back at the parking area much faster than I got to the dam and managed not to get lost!! That park is great and I think we're lucky to have it so close by. I did make it back in time to cool off a bit before I had to get Josh. Whew!!